Trias – our “doggy adoption”

Do you know the ancient game Trias (also known as “tabla lusoria”)? It´s a very old game idea, and might remember you a bit of merels oder tic-tac-toe. When we saw the game board we thought, it could do with a bit of “doggy tuning”.

The game board is hand crafted, produced especially for us by Arionworkshop with love and paw-fection in Argos, just around the corner to our shelter.

It is believed that the ancient Greeks used it to sharpen their mind and learn strategies. So we decided to bring it back to life and for a good cause.
It is a very simple game to play (the 3 colours have to be in one line either straight or in a curve) and the perfect size to carry it everywhere. Just imagine you would have to get three dogs in a row – that will give you a feeling of how difficult this seemingly simple task can be. It reminded us of our everyday job working with our lovely dogs. 😊
The recommended donation for this game is 20 euros plus postage and for each game we give, we would be getting 10 kilos of dog food for our wonderful wet-nosed protégés.

Let us know if you would like one!