Say hello to Dexx!

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Please note: Dexx is now sheltered at our partner dog shelter in the Netherlands: visit Dexx @ Dierenasiel Utrecht

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Dexx has a very soft character. He loves people and tries to cuddle them. He is very good on a dog lead. He listens well.

Dexx was a stray puppy. A family found him and decide to adopt him so his first and a half year he lived in a family. As the months passed the family decide that they didnt want him inside so the chained him outside in the garden and then they decided that they didn’t want him at all because he was so big. We heard about his story and we feared the worse so we offered to take him.
Dexx with us despite his size is a perfect dog. Always sweet and ready for a big hug.

Date of Birth:02/2020
Can travel after:ready to travel
Health Issues:




Weight:42 kg
Height:72 cm
Behaviour around dogs:

He shares his space with a female doggie Sage. They get on well most of the time but we always feed them separate when it is food time. Dexx loves his food.

Behaviour around cats:

we don’t know

Behaviour around kids:Social with kids
Could be the only animal:yes, definitively


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