Please meet George, and show him the world!

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George is one of our adolescent dogs who have very limited life experience, they have been in the shelter since puppies. Lately George had his first experiences on leash, and after the usual nervous start he did really well. We are continuing his training on leash but he will still know very little of the outside world, so should have a patient family who will slowly introduce him to it. We expect he will learn quite fast and be much more relaxed once in a calm home. Generally, he is friendly and social towards all people and he likes attention – in fact, he likes all the attention!

George and his other 6 siblings were abandoned outside our shelter inside crates in the middle of the summer. They had hidden the puppies near some trees next to a busy road. It was very hot and the poor babies had no water at all. Some managed to escape from the crates and hide in the bushes. We managed to catch the 7 seven very scared puppies and since then we have them at our shelter. We took them to the doctors and they have done their vaccines.

Date of Birth:06/2022
Height:49 cm
Behaviour around dogs:

George lives with his two brothers and his sister. Aside from some competition over attention from incoming humans, they get along well. He plays with all of his siblings, especially with his brother Ernesto.

Behaviour around cats:

No reaction so far to seeing cats, but we have not tested him in close proximity.

Behaviour around kids:Good

Laiza shelter, Argos, GR


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