Mirto is looking for a home

Please note: Mirto is now sheltered at our partner dog shelter in the Netherlands, Dierenasiel Utrecht. Please contact us or Dierenasiel Utrecht for more information.

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Mirto is the most affectionate in comparison to the other siblings. She is very clever, a fast learner and has a kind social personality. She can walk a bit on a dog lead and loves to stand at her 2 back legs to give us cuddles.

Mirto and her other 6 siblings were abandoned outside our shelter inside crates in the middle of the summer. They had hidden the puppies near some trees next to a busy road. It was very hot and the poor babies had no water at all. Some managed to escape from the crates and hide in the bushes. We managed to catch the 7 seven very scared puppies and since then we have them at our shelter. We took them to the doctors and they have done their vaccines.

Date of Birth:06/2022
Can travel after:Mirto
Health Issues:




Weight:18 kg
Height:45 cm
Behaviour around dogs:

she is good with other dogs, she is sharing a room with her siblings

Behaviour around cats:

We believe she is good, she doesnt have hunting instincts

Behaviour around kids:Social with kids too
Could be the only animal:yes


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