Might you be Fanouris greatest fan?

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Fanouris is always happy to see us and loves cuddles. He has a very energetic personality. He is good at interacting with new people and children. He does well with other dogs mosthly females.. He is very happy and energetic.

Fanouris is one out of 6 puppies. His mum Georgia was playing with some children in the central square of Argos and we decided to rescue her. Georgia is a very small dog and looked more than a puppy than an adult dog. When we took her to the vet , the vet said that Georgia was only 6-7 months old and 11 kilos and it was very unluckily to be so young pregnant. Since she was only 6-7 months old and 11 kilos, we didn’t expect her to be pregnant. We thought that Fanouris’ mum was putting on weight and when we realised she was pregnant it was too late to neuter her. Fanouris mum gave birth to 6 puppies. The puppies stayed at a foster home till they were 5 months old. All of them have found homes except Frodo and Fanouris who are currently at the shelter.

Date of Birth:05/2022
Can travel after:ready to travel
Health Issues:




Weight:16 kg
Height:46 cm
Behaviour around dogs:

He is very social with other dogs and makes easily new friends.

Behaviour around cats:

I have 5 cats at my home and he doesn’t mind them.

Behaviour around kids:I have 2 children and Frodo loves to play with them.
Could be the only animal:yes


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