Three legs are quite enough for Zizel to be happy!

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Zizel is shy with new people, but when she knows you she is very sweet and affectionate. She is quite determined when she wants something and will try to go out of her enclosure every time – but only to hop around the shelter and explore. She longs to be able to relax somewhere comfortable and have a garden and suitable walks and activities to explore the world.

Zizel was found with 3 other puppies on a busy road in 2020, one of them had been hit by a car and needed surgery, so Laiza took in those two and another volunteer took the others. Zizel already had only three legs, so she may have been born like this and the litter discarded by the owners for this reason. The pups spent some time at the vet and the other was eventually adopted, leaving Zizel to live in the shelter.

Date of Birth:06/2020
Can travel after:April 2024
Health Issues:

She has only three legs and the missing leg is a front. This means her body takes extra strain, especially her front leg, shoulders and upper back. She should keep a healthy weight and have some physical support and physical therapy to help her live comfortably. We don’t have the facilities in the shelter to do more for her, but if she had a home, something prosthetic like wheels could really help her to enjoy walks without getting tired and sore.



Weight:24 kg
Height:54 cm
Behaviour around dogs:


Behaviour around cats:


Behaviour around kids:Fine although will be shy at first, children who are loud and energetic might be too much for her.
Could be the only animal:yes


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